"Hello, Do You Hear Us?", documentary

The film series was made in two years (1987- 1989). The series consists of five films (each film 52`), which, without the support of comments or narrative and with only the subjects speaking, provide a unique opportunity to observe and evaluate events in the collapsing Soviet Union and follow the development of the dramatic and tragic events during the time of “perestroika” in various regions of the USSR (Russia, Chernobyl, Nagorny Karabakh, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.) from “inside”, rather than through the eyes of a foreign tourist or journalist. The film also contains interviews with Boris Jeltsin, Andrej Saharov, etc.

Director, co- scriptwriter, co- cameraman Juris Podnieks

Scriptwriter Lev Guschin

Cameraman Gvido Zvaigzne, Andris Slapiņš

Music by Alexei Rybnikov

Editor Antra Cilinska

Duration 5x52`